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Apricity is a boutique web development and design company that seamlessly blends the personal touch of a freelance designer with the capabilities of a small-scale agency.  Founded and run by a family of dedicated professionals, Apricity specialises in affordable web design for startups & delivering bespoke web solutions tailored for small to medium-sized businesses.

Apricity Website Design Services

Our Website Services

Apricity Web Design Services


Responsive web design to ensure your site looks great & loads quickly on every device.

Apricity SEO Services


Boosting your search profile on Google. Getting you discovered by your customers.

Apricity Web Hosting


Fast & Secure hosting that scales with your business automatically.

Apricity Website Management


Let us take the stress out of managing your website, from the technical to the spectical.

Apricity Web Solutions For New Business & Startups

Web Development For Startups

At Apricity, we are passionate about helping new businesses to get their brand online.  Nothing excites us more than helping new businesses on their path to success.  We know how hard it is to get off the ground and how many things there are to pay for when setting out, that is why we offer our services at ultra competitve prices.

Online Shops

Seamlessly integrate a web store in to your website.  We create a fully functional web store, so you can’t start selling right away.  We aim to make the process as easy as possible, so you can focus on your product and services.

Apricity Web Shop Services
WordPress CMS

Client Friendly CMS (Content Management System)

We work exclusively on the WordPress CMS platform.  WordPress is intuitive and very user friendly.  This success is highlighted by reportedly being used by over 40% of websites around the world, this constitutes something like 800 millions websites and counting! 

In practise, this means; the latest tools are at our disposal, developed to work harmoniously with WordPress.  Helping us deliver affordable web design for startups & small businesses alike.